We are IT Planet,

A software house based in Egypt. We build integrated, intuitive, easily manageable, and cost effective business applications with impressive performance, scalability, and reliability. Our applications vary to meet all the needs starting from small and medium business to enterprise needs, and from single client application to web-based international applications.


According to the market's needs, the company has produced several off-the-shelf products with ability of customizations to satisfy the different fields of market business upon accounting, warehousing, procurement, sales and payroll applications. The applications are made in various scales to supply different types of business.

Software Integration

IT Planet provides customizable software integration either with hardware machines like access control, Time & Attendance machines, CCTV, Handhelds or Barcode applications. The company can also provide integration with other software applications applied at the customer's site by importing or exporting data from or to them.

Custom Solutions

IT Planet provides all customers required modifications either on its off-the-shelf applications in order to make it totally satisfying to the customer needs, or by creating a new application from scratch in a brand new field.


Our support and after sales services are what our clients deserve to get rapid, focused and synchronized response to all issues. In addition to regular timely software upgrades and enhancements, proactive communications, and continuous improvements which help you achieve ongoing business value which are also part of the package.